Katie's Cocobolo\spruce 00 12 fret steel string


December 18th 2015

Well I am getting a lot closer just need to make a nut and saddle.

I used an LMI vacuum clamp to glue on the bridge and pounded in the frets with a bit of LMI glue.

It just needs some bone

December 29th 2015


Top is Lutz Spruce, has a bit of run-out thus slightly two toned. A nice Cocobolo back and side set. The wood was dense so I braced it as a non-active back. The binding are maple, the rosette, end wedge and heel cap is spalted maple. The head stock veneer is Amboyna burl My logo is MOP and ebony

Here is a video of me trying to play it

Some time later ... Katie with her guitar