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June 3rd 2014

To finish up the neck extension and fitting. I first drilled a couple pilot holes for the bolts on my drill press (sorry no picture). I used those pilot holes as the guide to drill matching holes in the neck block extension in the guitar.

Then I popped the template off and planed the extension flat to the neck. Also for those in suspense I remembered to drill the truss rod hole. With the pocket opened up almost to the brace, I had no problem drilling the hole in the brace.

I double checked that all alignments were still correct, Because of the falcate braces I have already placed the bridge by drilling the bridge pin holes. So it is very important that the neck is centered and the 12 fret is perfectly placed

Not having plans for a 12 string I drew out a head stock. Note that the sides are offset by 5 mm to provide an asymmetrical line. In reality I've gotten tired of mussing with the head stock transition to make them perfectly symmetrical.

I glued on some wings so that the head stock was wide enough.

Instead of making a template, I decided to use the head stock veneer as the template. This is a long head stock, luckily a few years back I bought somebodies stash of orphaned figured Koa sides.

The paper is double taped down

Here is the back

Make sure it all works

I used my safe-t planer to get the head stock closer to final. Also it will be parallel to the top os my pilot holes are straight. I plan to use a couple of them to index the head stock veneer.

Once the glue was cured, I cut the head stock out to the tape down copy on the band saw.

Enough for tonight!

June 3rd 2014

One last post before finishing.

I added diamond fret markers, I put a back veneer on the head stock, made my logo, and drilled for the tuners.

I had to cut out my logo twice; I accidentally made a ukulele sized logo.
I have shown this before but I cut the moon from mother of pearl.

The hawk and branch are cut from ebony (fret board cutoffs)

And no I have not found a good use for the pearl hawks