Cutaway 00 with Arm Bevel:


Nov 30th 2013

I mostly got the neck rough carved this weekend. The carving was pretty standard stuff although I did try out my luthier tool slotted head jig for the first time and I have to say that even though it is expensive it does work well. The jig adapts to all most any reasonable shape, I have square end and round end slot templates and drill guide bushings for both classical and steel string tuners. There is little chance of alignment errors with this tool. One the head is in the jig the holes can be drilled and the slots routed without moving the jig.

For this guitar I shaper the head stock by hand with a plane and chisels. I have had enough of using templates against the router. It always seems like it would be faster ... but I am not so sure.

I managed to route the neck angle just right when making the tenon. I changed my procedure slightly. As before I measure and set angle on my neck tenon jig. This time though I routed the bottom of the neck heel block before I routed the tenon. As I route this with the same angle, I can put it on top of the guitar and check the angle and fine tune if necessary.

I still have to do a bunch of fussy stuff to finish the guitar, but it is fun to finally see them at this stage.

Dec 1st 2013

I do like the luthier tool headstock jig shown above. I can also take out the slot templates and I have a set of tuner hole guides that work with a non slot head stock.

I did finally get the fussy work done. I put the ramps in at the end of the slots. I was going to go with square ramps but after looking at a few on the net, I was not sure I cared for the look. I also added the dots on to the top and side of the fret board.

I had a bit more time so I finished the day by cutting and installing my logo.

Next weekend I should be able to start the finish process.

Dec 6th 2013

I pore filled the back, sides and neck with Zpoxy and finished sanded the top, so once I place the bridge I am ready to spray.

Dec 17th 2013

I am getting very close to finishing this guitar. I should have it setup by Friday or Saturday. I could not wait to post a preview from my phone camera.

Dec 17th 2013

I finished stringing up my 12th instrument a 00 sized cutaway with arm bevel. I will post a sound clip before the weekend is up. The guitar sounds pretty good. I still need to do a bit of setup work but I wanted it to sit for a couple of days.

Thanks for looking and also thanks for all of the positive comment throughout the build of this guitar.

Western Red Cedar Top
Koa Back and Sides
Ebony Bindings, are bevel veneer, and bridge.
Brazilian Redwood fret board.
Amboyna burl headstock veneer and rosette
Mahogany neck.