Nikko's Tenor Ukulele Build blog:


October 18th 2014

Being in a bit of a hurry I did not take as many pictures as I usally do. I use a bunch of screw or violin clamps to glue the back and the top on the sides. I sanded the sides level before routing the channel for the cocobolo bindings. I used my bender to bend a set of binding and bound the body. I do not have pictures of the binding process but I basically route a channel and glue the bindings in the channel.

Out of a block of honduran mahogany I cut out a rough neck blank, glued on the head stock veneer and fit it to the body. Included in the pictures are some pictures with this ukulele with its sister. They are starting to look like ukuleles.

October 31th 2014

I reduced the size of my logo from 1" to 7/8" inch to better fit a ukulele. I glue a template with the logo onto a piece of mother of pearl and also on a thin veneer of ebony or another dark wood. I cut out the logo from the pearl and the veneer, using the out side for the moon and the inside for the hawk and tree.

A busy day but time is short. I used a circle template to finialize the shape of the heel that I wanted to carve. I cut out and fit a small bit of amboyna burle to the shape and glued it to the neck blank as a guide. I draw some tangential lines on the neck as a guide and use a combination of a spoke shave, very nice rasps and sand paper to carve the neck.

With the neck carved I installed the logo, drilled the holes for the tuner and installed the mother of pearl fret markers. THis has been a busy day. but one can see that by the end of it I had two ukuleles.

next up is finishing and setup.